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- Robert C.

Chicago, IL.

"The staff of 1st Home HealthCare, Inc. are the greatest specially nurse Olivia and my aide Connie. They are marvelous, caring and very compassionate to my needs. I had a kidney and liver transplant, which left me bedridden for alomost 6 months. I lost my appetite, which dropped my weight to 145 lbs, leaving me considerably emaciated. I was very depressed and had totally have given up all hope. With their help and support, I realize that there's every reason to live. I thank them. I fully recommend 1st Home HealthCare. Inc, to anybody looking for a homehealth provider."


- Milton J. J. Jr. MD

Lafayette, LA

" I appreciate the continued efforts you have made, along with the other members of the home healthcare agency, in the care of my mother-in-law, Maudaline Stewart.  Her care has been exceptional, and I have been completely pleased, along with my other family members, in the care that you have provided"


- Audrea S.(Daughter)

Chicago, IL.

"The wonderful team of 1st Home HealthCare, Inc. (Joe, my mother's nurse and aide Daisy) are the best. They have the heart and commitment as well as the compassion to care for my bedridden hemiphlegic mother. They understand the hardships that I have gone through to take care of my mother's health. 1st Home HealthCare, Inc. has treated my mother with all the respect and dignity she deserves, and for that I am greatful."


-Janice K.

Arlington Heights, IL.

"I would like to thank 1st Home Healthcare, especially my nurse Joe, for helping me save my foot. His daily caring and assurance helped me to gradually improve the use of my lower limbs. I never liked wearing my shoes because I had a severe medical condition. Wearing them became so difficult. But with his help, I became more comfortable walking around. I know I'll never be 100% but Joe gave me hope and care resulting in a much healthier condition. If he was not there to help me, I don't know if I would have improved so quickly. In the end, I'm proud to call him not just my nurse but also my friend."


-Hans K.

Morton Grove, IL.

"Approximately 2 years ago, it became necessary for me to get a pacemaker.  After I came home from rehab, I was blessed to have Joe introduced into my life.  He was assigned to be my home health nurse.  Immediately, I knew I was in the best hands possible.  Not only his attention to detail and all-encompassing physical care, but he also looks after my emotional well-being, which has enabled me to live a well-ballanced life.  Making arrangements to have physical therapy when needed has helped me become self-sufficient again. Before, I was unable to get out of bed by myself and now I am able to do so with the aid of my walker. I can maneuver my way around the house by myself again.  Joe takes care of me and in doing so has lightened my wife's worries and is there for us in all matters.  He is truly an angel from above and a person whom I am glad to know and consider my friend."


-Ursula K.

Morton Grove, IL.

" Joe is there for me whenever I call or have a question.  He patiently takes the time to answer my questions and explains everything to me in a way in which I can understand it.  He is even available on holidays when an emergency come up, and puts his patients first.  In taking such care of my husband helped me more than words can say.  I am grateful."


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